The Botanica™ Garden Window was designed as a completely new product, not an adaptation of an old system and features several unique details that will set it apart from the competition.

Extensive market research and over 70 years of industry experience went into the design. The goal was to architecturally engineer a unique window that would both be aesthetically pleasing and solve many of the problems inherent with the adapted older designs on the market today.

The front opening sash concept increases the structural strength of the overall framing system to reduce or eliminate the need for underside supports. Keeping in true FEN-TECH tradition, custom sizes are always available.

  • Test Results


  • Direct Set side, Front Awning Design
  • 17.5" projection
  • 1 1/2" Oak Insulated Seat Board
  • 3/4" x 4 9/16" Oak Extension Jambs


  • Tempered Top Lite
  • Charcoal Gray Spacer
  • Cardinal 272 LE (#2 Surface) / Argon / Clear

BetterVue Tab-less Screens

30° Angle for Increased Viewing

Glass Shelf

10-1/4" deep, 3/8" thick glass shelf with polished edges, brackets and installation instructions.

Seat Board

Standard 1-1/2" thick oak insulated seat board with white vinyl underside.


Standard BetterVue screens that lock in place with a tab-less system to improve look and ease of installing.


Standard hand crank hardware with a two point locking system for added security and weather tight seal.

Center & Side Post Frame

Two multi-chambered frames mulled together. This design adds strength and increases viewing area.

Triple Seal

The opening sash design includes 3 seals to keep out the elements.

Test Window

  • 48" x 50" model 6000S
  • Double Strength Tempered Top Glass
  • Double Strength Annealed Side & Front Glass
  • 3/8" Annealed Glass Shelf
  • No reinforcement or underside supports

Water Rating

  • DP 80, the highest rating AAMA recognizes
  • This rating is the equivalent of 8" of rain per hour, or 5 gallons per square foot with a 69 mph wind.

Structural Rating

  • DP 60 (overload rating of DP 90)
  • This rating is the equivalent of a 190 mph wind tested with both positive (inward) and negative (outward) force.
  • For comparison, a category 5 hurricane has a wind speed of 157 mph or more.

Air Rating

  • .01
  • This rating equates to .01 cubic foot per minute per square foot of exterior surface area of air infiltration with a 25 mph wind.

Load Test

  • .01
  • This equates to a .01 inch sag in the bottom front of the window with a load of 8 pounds per square foot calculated over the area of the glass shelf and seat board combined (85 pounds in this particular test).

Custom built to your Specifications!

*** Click on any of the color swatches below to get an idea of how your window configuration will look. ***


  • Rough Opening Height
  • Rough Opening Width
  • Jamb Width

Pick from Available Colors & Finishes:

  • Available Frame Colors:
    white imagetan image
  • Seat Board Finishes:

    Real Wood
     Tier 1 Laminates
    a swatch a swatcha swatch
    Tier 2 Laminates
    a swatcha swatcha swatcha swatcha swatch
    Castle Oak
    Light Oak
    Exquisite Elm
    Dark Oak
    Light Cherry
    Point Walnut
    Dark Cherry

* Product as shown has optional extension jamb staining to match seat board laminate.

projection arrow direct set arrow insulated seat arrow oak extension jambs overlay wood overlay outside of garden window
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